Hard Floor

Vinyl Tiles

A hard-square tile usually having a marbled appearance also available in plain solid colours.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is usually laid in strips 3 metres wide and heat welded curving upwards at the skirting to create a waterproof membrane. These surfaces are softer than vinyl tiles to create a quieter surface.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum can be defined as a continuous roll flooring composed of fillers made from ground cork, wood flour, mineral powders (such as calcium carbonate) with binders made from boiled linseed oil, natural resins and pigments.

Epoxy Coated Floors

Self levelling epoxy coated floors are gaining popularity in food industry and industrial sites due to their incredible wear ability and inert, non-porous surface.

Textured and Profiled Composite Rubber

Textured flooring can be a blend of rubber and ground cork or rubber and inert mineral filler in either sheet or tile form. These surfaces are softer than vinyl giving a flexible surface with good recovery, chemical and slip resistance. They are usually chosen because of their ability to reduce foot fatigue and to give slip resistance. The visual effect of the cork gives an eggshell textured look. The profiled tiles appear like a “chocolate block” with raised round studs.

Terrazzo Marble & Composite Marble Tiles

The hardness of marble falls approximately halfway between granite (the hardest) and limestone (the softest). In gritty areas Composite Marble Tiles require the protection of a sacrificial, stain resistant and highly adhesive coating system. Because of its tendency to scratch, these surfaces require a softer coating than synthetic tiles. This allows easier repairability from scratching and easier burnishing response. A base coat and a topcoat give the most durable result.

Vitrified and Semi Vitrified Tiles

Vitreous are hard bake tiles where the colour and texture goes completely through. There is no surface glazing or designs on these tiles, as they are made for extreme wear and chemical resistance. They are usually only used in commercial applications. Water permeation is usually less than 0.5%, which makes vitrified tiles the most stain and spill resistant as well as being suitable for both heavy traffic, internal and external building use.

Both tiles can be plain or contain flecks of hard stone or fly ash embedded into the coloured clay matrix.

Elastomeric Polyester

Self levelling and sprayed or flow coated floors are gaining popularity in food industry, club & hotel behind the bar applications and industrial sites, due to their incredible toughness and wear ability. Elastomeric polyester provides the industry with a lower cost surface than epoxy yet still provides an inert, non-porous thick film that hides surface irregularities and resists water, oily and alcohol-based spills.

Elastomeric Polyester Coated Floors are more easily cleaned and sanitised than porous concrete with the major benefit of being highly chemical and abrasion resistant as well as offering a quieter, softer more comfortable surface to stand on.

Timber Floor

Daylight Express

The one day start to finish the job. Water based, super gloss, perma-seal for timber floors.

Tung Oil Seal

For sealing and finishing sanded timber floors. With rapid drying technology, dries in an amazing 10 hours.


Crème liquid spirit wax for timber floors, enhances the natural look of timber. “Fills and feeds the grain”

Floating Floors

Timber Floating Floor:
Primarily of timber “planks” treated with a clear layer of polyester, vinyl or urethane. Usually they are laminated to give increased dimensional stability, but this is not always the case as some synthetic materials can also be sandwiched to provide greater noise suppression.

Laminate Floating Floors:
These are 100% synthetic reproduction of a timber floor. The “timber plank” look is achieved by printing, encased in a textured clear surface treatment. Whilst still laminated to achieve direction stability, laminate floating floors can be constructed with a soft core that gives a soft feel and a low noise.